Crystal Clear – Short Film

This is a short film made as part of a film class at SAAS. It is the first short full film that I have made. The 3D VFX was done all in Blender (with some effects prototyped in Houdini). The rest of the effects were done using Adobe After Effects, and the editing was doneContinue reading “Crystal Clear – Short Film”

Underwater Robotics Dashboard

I am the lead programmer on Seattle Academy’s MATE Underwater robotics team. Over the last 6 months I have been programming a web dashboard that we use to control and debug our robot. The code is on GitHub here: https://github.com/redshiftrobotics/blueshift2020 This code is split up into 3 sections called nodes. The three nodes are water,Continue reading “Underwater Robotics Dashboard”

Guardians Tower – Blender Project

This is a concept render of the a Japanese pagoda in misty mountains. The pagoda is modeled after the Shitennō-ji pagoda in Osaka, Japan. The clouds were simulated with Blender’s internal smoke sim. Trees on the mountains were placed with several particle systems. The mountains are 3 different models of various detail and size. TheyContinue reading “Guardians Tower – Blender Project”

Activity Recognition on Mobile Phones With Scikit-Learn

For my 8th grade project I am creating an app that can recognize sitting, standing, walking, and running in real time.

Ways of Magic Trailer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqPuXHGBXJk I helped one of my friends write a story called Ways of Magic. I turned that into a trailer script which I directed, filmed and edited. I did most of the effects in Adobe After Effects, but I also used blender, cinema 4D, and Element 3D for more advanced 3D effects.

What’s Really on the Inside

I was inspired to make this picture for a competition on the Blender Reddit. The topic was science. It was also a fun project to practice Micro Displacements in Blender. This is a breakdown of the different layers in this image. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUWMrEYBi1U

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Quantum Simulator

One day my father came home from a meeting with IBM where he heard about their free and online 5 qubit quantum computer. I wanted to understand what it did and how to use it so I found the documentation and began to teach myself quantum computing. Later my parents found a phD student atContinue reading “Quantum Simulator”